The School of fasting and raw diet Dream was founded in May 2010 by Anna Yakuba, the author of patented system Method Of Body Rehabilitation and of integrated recovery system.

Anna is a practicing expert, certified specialist in dry fasting, the author of  unique original programs 12 Days That Will Change Your Life FOREVER!, Losing Weight Together – Easily and Simply, Green Detox in the Carpathians, Healthy Habits – The New Me, Cascade For the Advanced and of online practical courses Dry Fasting With Anna Yakuba. She also wrote the books The School of Healing Fasting and Raw Diet, Healthy Lifestyle Daily Planner: physical exercise, diet, fasting, cleaning.

Anna completed the training Get Cleaned and Live Without Parasites by Nadezhda Semenova; practical course Green Smoothie Chef by Victoria Butenko (USA) in Sweden; practical course The Basics of Raw Cuisine by Olga Dzindzeleta (Lithuania).

Has 1st level in Zhong Yuan Qigong.

More than 3,000 people from 42 countries passed the original patented training Method Of Body Rehabilitation in the School of dry fasting and raw diet Dream of Anna Yakuba. These people stay active, successful and happy because they managed to change their life for the better.

Many of them began their acquaintance with dry fasting and detox nutrition from online consultations with Anna Yakuba.

If you want to go through dry fasting at home safely, if you intent to switch to healthy diet and stick to it, need antiparasitic and other types of body cleaning, if you have questions on practicing healthy lifestyle, but you have no time or opportunity to come to Ukraine for one of the programs, then Anna Yakuba, the founder and manager of the School of dry fasting and raw diet Dream, can consult you, provide help and support, and give all necessary information.

Together with you, we will create an individual program depending on your age, state of health, lifestyle, availability of free time and desired result.

We will study how to implement healthy diet and can also select a comfortable dry-fasting pattern:

— intermittent fasting: 16/8, 18/6, 20/4, or 36/12;
— 36-hour dry-fasting;
— 72-hour dry-fasting;
— cascade dry-fasting.

This is what Guzal Gomes (USA), one of our participants, is saying about the online consultation:

“Online consultation with Anna Yakuba gave me a lot. Our communication was very fruitful. I received simple but easy to use and effective recommendations on fasting, healthy lifestyle and diet. Anna was able to see the roots of my health problems intuitively. I had problems like headaches, getting tired quickly, chronic fatigue and bad tolerability of fasting.

Now I am sure I will be able to overcome those problems, following Anna’s advice. Though it was the first consultation, we managed to cover personal questions not only related to diet and health, but also to my career and work.

Anna supported my efforts in changing the diet and doing regular fasting, which is very important when your lifestyle and diet are being changed radically.

I would like to thank Anna deeply for her consultation. I did not have to cover thousands of miles and spend many hours flying to Ukraine.

It is also worth mentioning that the connection was very good and the consultation started on time, despite huge difference in time”.

Another participant, Inna Khan from London (UK), had similar positive impression and emotions after the online consultation with Anna:

“After giving birth to a baby, I started to have problems with overweight. Whatever I tried to lose extra kilos (and I had 30kg extra), all my efforts were in vain. I tried everything: diet, healthy diet, physical exercise for 2.5 hours per day 5 days a week. I lost maximum 5 kg and stopped on this. As it turned out, I had problems with hormones.

I almost accepted that I would stay plump for the rest of my life, but then I saw a video with Anna on YouTube. I don’t know what happened, but Anna hooked me with something. I contacted Anna and she offered a Skype-consultation.

Oh, my God… My prayers were finally heard! Anna discovered absolutely different meaning of healthy lifestyle to me. Yes, you can have a healthy diet, do exercise, BUT! If your body is cluttered up with toxins and parasites, the result is long to come then.

Ann proposed intermittent and 36-hour dry fasting, switching to raw food and detox diet under her close supervision. This is what I was looking for.

Anna showed me totally different view on cleaning the body and healthy diet. And what is more, she offered 100% support from her side. I did not hesitate for a second! The decision was made.

One week passed after Skype-consultation and my results are as following: I passed 36-hour dry fasting, 3-day anti-parasitic cleaning, quit smoking and drinking coffee (these are two of my dependances that I could never overcome myself).

I lost 3.4 kg and 5 cm off my waist and hips during one week! I changed to one size smaller (from 46 to 44) in one week!!!

Anna, there is no limit to my gratitude! Thank you very much and God bless you to have many success stories like mine.

I am at the beginning of the road to my cherished goal, but the way I feel has changed completely and this is all thanks to you!

With love and gratitude, Inna Khan

Online consultations can be held via Skype.
Cost of the first ONLINE consultation (1,5 hour) is € 150.

To get an ONLINE consultation you need:

  1. Send an enquiry to
  2. Make a payment following one of the payment methods that you will receive.
  3. Fill in a special form (will be provided).
  4. Agree the date and time of your consultation with Anna’s assistant (English-Russian translator – Valentina Agisheva)