Many health-conscious people meditate, seek enlightenment and have a fasting experience. Dry fasting, i.e. complete abstinence not only from food, but also from liquids is far rarer practice. This is due to a widespread stereotype that a person cannot live more than 3 or 4 days without water, as well as fear, lack of self-confidence and knowledge about this practice.
“I’m not a camel!” you might be thinking. But the human body is an amazing creation, able to adjust to extreme conditions and access secret reserves in such conditions. A camel’s abilities are nothing compared to the capabilities of the human body and soul…
Those who decide to try dry fasting at least once become convinced of its effectiveness. Even a short cycle of dry fasting reveals that this method of body cleansing is much more effective than all the others, including traditional fasting.
Dry fasting must obviously be undertaken correctly, according to special methodologies, and ideally under the supervision of an experienced trainer. The results are astonishing for beginners: that’s how startling the effects of dry fasting are. With regular practice the effectiveness of the method increases, as the law of transformation of quantity into quality operates.
— So what are the effects of dry fasting; what happens to the body during this practice?
— What led great ascetics of various religions to dry fast for many days?
— Why do yogi, shamans, and followers of chi gong engage in dry fasting?
— Why is the effectiveness of this practice so much higher than other techniques for purifying the body and spirit?

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№1. An intense release of stem cells into the blood, which activates regeneration and rejuvenation processes.
The body is able to self-regenerate and self-rejuvenate. These processes are launched under the influence of stem cells. But while a newborn baby has one stem cell per 10,000 cells, that ratio in a 50-year old drops to 500 000:1. The number of stem cells decreases with age along with the regenerating capabilities of the body. But it is possible to increase the release of stem cells into the blood!
During fasting, a process of intense body cleansing is initiated as the body rids itself of sick and old cells, creating space in tissues for stem cells. Stem cells are released into the blood in higher volume, occupying this vacated “space” and launching regeneration and rejuvenation processes.
During dry fasting, even more stem cells are released into the blood, a fact that has been proven scientifically. An experiment was conducted at the “Cryocenter” headed by Y. Romanov, a Doctor of Biology. Yuri Guscho fasted a week (after one week of preparation, with a recovery period of three weeks). The number of stem cells had dropped by the end of the 7th fasting day, but during recovery it soared. This experiment proved that after fasting, the body triples its production and release of stem cells, an effect that lasts for several months.
It turns out that the regular practice of fasting can extend life and youth by 15 – 25 years.

№2. Removal of edemas, tumors and inflammation.
Dry fasting forces the body to obtain water from the cells. That is why the body’s “superfluous” tissues (fat deposits, edemas, tumors) are eliminated faster than in the case of water fasting.
This mechanism is well-studied by science. During fasting, the metabolism is reformed fundamentally in three stages:
1. Psychological hunger. During fasting, hunger disappears after about three days. If a person practices medical dry fasting, psychological hunger passes in one day. (Most people who practice dry fasting note that it is easier to endure than water fasting, as hunger passes more quickly).
2. On the third day of dry fasting, a ketoacidosic crisis takes place, much sooner than in the case of abstinence from food only. The body’s metabolism enters a ketoacidosic state.
3. In traditional fasting, the second ketoacidosic crisis starts between the 9th and 11th day. Its therapeutic effect is even higher. In dry fasting, a body goes into a state of autolysis faster than in the case of water fasting.
What does that mean? In autolysis a body looks for energy reserves inside itself. Where does it take them from and what tissues are used as “fuel”?
The body knows just what to do: it starts by burning everything that is superfluous and harmful in the body: fat, tumors, ganglions and inflamed tissues. During dry fasting, cells split faster as the body needs not only nutrients, but also water.
The longer the fast is prolonged after the second crisis, the longer it remains in a state of autolysis and the more effective the process of splitting unnecessary tissues is. That is why it is important to reach an acidotic crisis as quickly as possible, which is possible thanks to dry fasting.

 №3. Informational purification of the body with endogenic “water of life”.
During dry fasting, a process of intense cleansing begins as toxins are eliminated. But purification takes place not due to exogenic (external) water, but via the cleaner, high-quality metabolic water synthesized by the body. Under the extreme conditions of dry fasting, the body must activate production of its own endogenic water and only healthy cells are able to do that. Weak and sick cells are unable to produce the “water of life”; that is why they die and are rejected by the body.
However, this is not the most important part of the process in replacing exogenic with endogenic water. Endogenic water synthesized by the body is free from external content. Basically, “dead” water is replaced with “living” water. All the negative information that enters the body via exogenic water is eliminated.
Without external exogenic water, blood and lymph are purified intensively through a sort of internal filtration process. Renewal of lymph and blood during dry fasting takes place only thanks to endogenic “water of life”. As a result, by the end of dry fasting, two of the body’s most important fluids become almost completely pure. Correspondingly, all the body’s tissues through which blood and lymph circulate are purified of external content.
This phenomenon of purification is one of the main advantages of dry fasting. This effect cannot be achieved by abstinence from food only. This unique mechanism eliminates all the negative content that enters the body via “external” water and cannot be achieved through any other kind of medical fasting.

№4. Improvement of immunity, anti-inflammatory effect.
During dry fasting, a body has a more powerful immune response and fights inflammations more actively. All inflammations are fed by water, which is clearly demonstrated by the edemas containing pus and lymph that form near wounds on the body. When the body is deprived of an inflow of exogenic water, it uses endogenic water very carefully: only for feeding healthy cells. Damaged cells, as well as various bacteria, viruses and parasites suffer from a lack of water and die.
During dry fasting, people often have a fever. The increase in body temperature that takes place during medical dry fasting leads to the creation of a strong immunologic response. The concentration of biologically active substances in bodily fluids also increases. These include immunoglobulins and immunocompetent cells. As a result:
— the production of interferon rises;
— antitumor and antiviral activity increases;
— T-cells proliferate;
— the bactericidal capacity and phagocytic activity of neutrophils increases;
— the cytotoxic effect of lymphocytes grows;
— the growth of microorganisms and their virulence decreases.
Fever during dry fasting is very good, as it indicates that the body is fighting infections. Each cell in the body is turned into a kind of small furnace or reactor and the toxins inside it are destroyed. If a cell is too damaged, it is eliminated completely.

№5. Thorough cleansing without supplemental treatment.
There is no need to combine dry fasting with enemas, saunas and other hydrotherapeutic procedures as is the case with traditional fasting. In fact, the use of these supplemental treatments is not recommended Although they are typically used to enhance the cleansing effect, during dry fasting toxins are effectively removed from the body thanks to “live” endogenic water.
Many people appreciate that dry fasting does not require the use of enemas or hydrocolonotherapy, which are unpleasant. The body eliminates toxins on its own, without additional water. We have already mentioned that body temperature rises during dry fasting. This mechanism not only increases the body’s immune response, but also turns each cell into a tiny nuclear fusion reactor, which destroys everything that is superfluous, harmful or foreign.

№6. Intensive weight loss, mostly at the expense of fats.
The metabolism changes in the course of dry fasting, which facilitates effective weight loss and long-term weight stabilization. Fat deposits are burnt three times faster during dry fasting than during water fasting.
Another advantage of dry fasting is that the fat tissue does not fully regenerate after the fast is broken, in contrast to water fasting.
The third important advantage is that during traditional fasting, both fat and muscle tissue are lost in almost equal proportions. Dry fasting burns mostly fat due to the transformation of metabolic processes. Since 90% of fat cells are water, they disintegrate 3 – 4 times faster than muscle cells during dry fasting.
As a result, weight loss and toning takes place. The body becomes slimmer and suppler.
Finally, dry fasting is less expensive. There is no need for special foods, meals or medicines. Moreover, as we have mentioned, dry fasting does not result in the significant loss of muscle mass and is therefore the best way to treat obesity.

№7. Rejuvenation.
Dry fasting has an incredible rejuvenating effect since it forces the body to eliminate weak and damaged cells that cannot withstand the extreme conditions. Cells become stronger and, correspondingly, result in “healthy offspring” once they divide. The skin, hair and nails glow with health and youth.
Submitting the body to extreme conditions by dry fasting launches the mechanism of natural selection, an internal fight between the body’s weak and strong cells. In that competition for the scarce resources produced as a result of autolysis and synthesis of endogenic water, cells that are undamaged, strong, healthy and well-functioning win. They also pass on this strength by producing new generations of healthy cells.
Weak parasite cells are incapable of passing such a stringent test in the absence of resources. Without dry fasting, these cells are free to produce new damaged cells, increasing the amount of “junk” in the body. But dry fasting eliminates cells that are unable to perform their natural functions. They are replaced by a new generation of healthy cells, leaving the body regenerated and rejuvenated.

№8. Prophylactic protection from radiation and other harmful environmental factors.
Dry fasting is a natural prophylactic mechanism that protects the body from harmful environmental influences, including radiation. Radionuclides are eliminated in 2 weeks of traditional fasting and in 5 – 7 days of dry fasting.
The practice of medical fasting was used to treat those exposed to radiation and suffering from radiation sickness as a result of the accident in Chernobyl. Strong antibiotic treatment and bone marrow transplantation in such cases is ineffective. Scientist and hematologist A.I. Vorobjov was the first to use fasting in his medical practice. The results he obtained astonished the medical community: regeneration, an improvement in overall general health, a progressive decrease in the number of radionuclides in the body. Dry fasting delivered great results, where American and Japanese treatment methods failed.

№9. Effective prevention of oncological diseases. 
Experimental research has shown that dry fasting is an effective means of disease prevention, including oncological disease.
The experiments of Professor Y.S. Nikolayev on white rats demonstrated that animals subjected to dry fasting after exposure to radiation are far less likely to develop blood cancer than the other rats. The experiment was conducted at Stavropol Medical Institute, where 120 white rats were divided into 4 groups. All of them were inoculated with sarcoma. The first group – before fasting, the second group – during fasting, the third – after breaking the fast. The control group was not subjected to fasting at all.
As a result of the experiment, all the animals from the control group died. In the first group, 50% of the rats survived; in the second group, two thirds survived. In the third group, where inoculation took place after breaking the fast, all the animals survived.
A similar experiment was conducted in the USA. Rats were exposed to radioactive irradiation, which caused blood cancer in all animals within the control group. In the experimental group, where rats fasted, the percentage of sick animals was 70% lower.
It might seem that after fasting the body would be weak and defenseless against illnesses, but in fact the opposite is true: having eliminated weak cells during fasting, the body is even more effective in fighting illness.

№10. Regeneration of energy, purification of energy channels.
In the course of dry fasting, the body’s energy is renewed. Brain activity increases, creative abilities emerge and the soul achieves a state of harmony. Will power strengthens. Dry fasting involves spiritual work and provides spiritual results that are equally astonishing: negative information is removed, negative energy is eliminated, energy channels are cleansed and chakras are opened.
The fever experienced by a person in the course of dry fasting affects not only damaged physical tissue, but also negative energy. Some of this material is burned; some leaves the body, unable to withstand the extreme conditions of dry fasting.
Areas filled with “hard”, “dead” water – pathological parts of the body where negative energy is concentrated – are resorbed. These areas appear long before the symptoms of an illness manifest. As a result of dry fasting, “hard” water disappears, replaced by the “live” endogenic water synthesized by the body. Pathology disappears along with the underlying causes of various diseases and psychological problems.

№11. A rush of energy, increased energy reserves.
Participants emerge from the dry fasting process with new reserves of energy. They need less sleep and function more effectively. This seems counterintuitive: it would seem that a person who doesn’t drink or eat would lose energy instead of gaining it. But this is no paradox.
Firstly, during fasting, the body draws energy from its surroundings. The intensity of this process during dry fasting is even higher.
Secondly, after breaking a dry fast, the body begins a process of super-regeneration, accumulating energy and creating energy reserves.
Thirdly, the purification of energy channels, or chakras, during dry fasting allows a person to receive energy from the environment freely. The body itself, cleansed and renewed, is able to accumulate more energy than before the fast.
As a result, after the dry fast is broken the body is overflowing with energy: 4-5 hours of sleep are enough, a person becomes highly productive and feels alive, optimistic and energised.

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