Ukraine (Carpathians) – 2018 – a transformation program "12 days that will change your life FOREVER"

Dates: from June 30 to July 11, 2018. Start of the program: June 30 at 2:00PM End: July 11 at 12:00AM

ATTENTION! The program is typed group - 7 people. The number of seats is limited by the availability of rooms in the Center.

  • To improve health.
  • Purify the body.
  • Relax.
  • Learn mindfulness, presence HERE and NOW
  • To review the diet and the regime of the day.
  • Change the way of life.
  • Understand where you're going.
  • Get a dream.
  • Visit the master classes on healthy balanced nutrition.
  • Reserve yourself with knowledge and energy.
  • Reboot.

All this and even more you will get by hitting our program. And all this - in just 12 days.

The main (practical) part of the program is in the Carpathians. Nevertheless, we start working with our participants in advance - one month before the start of the program. So that you can prepare and get the desired result.

The program "12 days that will change your life" consists of 3 stages.

The program by days:

1 stage - PREPARATORY: from 7 to 21 days at home:

  • after payment you fill in the application form
  • you are sent materials for training
  • After studying the materials received, a Skype consultation is conducted to prepare for the program with an translator)

2 stage - PRACTICAL TRAINING IN SCHOOL (with translator) - 12 days, more in detail by days:

  • 1-2 days: acclimatization, preparatory nutrition + antiparasitic practice
  • 3-9 days: dry fasting from 3 to 7 days, with fasting for less than 7 days options are offered - water starvation, purifying antiparasitic detox - food
  • 10-12 days: restorative detox-nutrition + antiparasitic practice


  • 21 days (3 days - on the program in the Carpathians, other days - at home)


I stage - preparatory at home (from 7 to 21 days)

After making the payment, we contact the participant by agreeing the date and time of ONLINE's consultations on Skype. For 21 days Anna Yakuba helps to prepare properly for a long dry fasting. In doing so, we use an exclusively individual approach. We take into account your age, health status, lifestyle, availability of free time and what outcome you want to receive.

II stage - practical training in the School (12 days of visiting practice in the Carpathians)

This stage begins and passes in the Carpathians for 12 days. Here you will find a rich program. You will gain a lot of knowledge and practical skills, get acquainted with new techniques, practices and approaches. You will find new friends, relax and gain strength in a group of like-minded people. Together with the group you get experience of dry fasting up to 7 days (in agreement with the program manager Anna Yakub). Those. within 12 days of the program in the Carpathians you have the opportunity to get an experience of dry fasting up to 7 days.

Practical training in the School in the Carpathians includes:

  • Training of the author's (patented) method of safe long-term dry fasting. Escort, help and support in the course of dry fasting.
  • Lectures on the formation of healthy habits and the transition to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Lectures on dry fasting, practical recommendations.
  • Lectures on the proper healthy balanced diet. Practical recommendations.
  • Lectures on antiparasitic practices. Practical recommendations.
  • Gymnastics: breathing exercises Strelnikova, gymnastics for stretching, etc.
  • Raw detox is nutrition, antiparasitic practice during the days of entry and exit from the course of dry starvation.
  • The practice of raw food, training (master classes with tasting), the practice of cooking raw foods (not only delicious, but also medicinal).
  • Climatotherapy - walking walks through the forest and mountains. Mountainous Carpathian climate activates the internal reserves of the body and contributes to the process of self-healing.
  • Cinema of cognitive films.

Individual consultations on the practice of starvation, proper nutrition, antiparasitic practices and other issues of a healthy lifestyle.
Additional procedures (optional) - leeches, body massage, facial and decollete cosmetic massage with natural remedies, antiparasitic program on the bioresonance therapy device, etc.

III stage - recovery period (21 days)

After the School in the Carpathians, the most important thing remains to consolidate the knowledge and stay true to the decisions made. At such an important stage, we simply do not have the right to leave you alone with ourselves. Therefore, for 3-4 weeks we will continue ONLINE-accompaniment. Anna Yakuba will correct you in the correct way out of the course of fasting, balanced nutrition and fastening of healthy habits. You can ask your questions by e-mail or if necessary, get a Skype consultation.

The main 10 areas we work with

  • Mission and awareness, goal-setting
  • Purification of the Soul: Prayer / Meditation, Practice of Silence
  • Creativity and development
  • Psycho-emotional state: attitude towards oneself and people, relations with parents, honesty
  • Favorite work
  • Healthy balanced natural nutrition, drinking regime
  • Purification of the body (dry fasting, antiparasitic practice)
  • Physical activity, respiratory practice
  • Day and rest, work with habits
  • Body hygiene (bath, massage, cosmetology on natural remedies, staging leeches, etc.)

What we are different about

  • We work on the patented author's technique of Anna Yakub. The management of the program, training and accompaniment of the participants is personally led by Anna Yakuba.
  • The uniqueness of our program lies in the fact that we use 100% natural products and products.
  • Training on the course is carried out by highly qualified experts, practitioners with many years of experience.
  • We have an integrated approach to physical and spiritual recovery.

A place

The location of the School was selected carefully and responsibly (Western Ukraine, Carpathians, 750 meters above sea level, coniferous forest), so that the program would pass for our participants comfortably and with the maximum result.
At an altitude of 750 meters above sea level, in the valley of the Prut river is the longest cozy Ukrainian village of Mykulychyn. Since June 10, 2017. We run the School's programs in the eco-center "Dream" (5 rooms).
The smell of pine needles, pure moist air and mountain beauty. Rivers and valleys. Waterfalls and forests. Spring water. Here, as never before, you rest your soul and body.
Comfortable living and incredible healing climate.

Scheduled walking tours, trips to local attractions, excursions - a busy time in the School "Dream" in the Carpathians!
Carpathians is not only an incredibly beautiful place to relax. They are also amazing with their versatility. Here you will find unique Hutsul museums, wild animals, beautiful waterfalls, curative spring water, mountains, forests and glades. We took all this into account when we compiled the program.

In addition to informative lectures and cognitive conversations, a healthy balanced diet and excellent master classes, we planned many other interesting activities.

We always try to give a maximum of theoretical and practical information on our programs, without forgetting to give the opportunity to walk through the mountain forest open spaces and visit unique places.

That's why we prepared for you:

  • Sightseeing tours.
  • Hiking and walking along unique, thoughtful routes.
  • Picking berries and a master class on wild grass.

If you are determined to spend more time on the program - we will not force you. All excursions, hiking can be visited at will. Those who wish - can pass the program in silence! We always take into account your wishes, condition and mood. But still, we recommend and help get the most from our program.

Additionally on the program

On the program "12 days that will change your life FOREVER" additional services will be offered:

  • Massage of face, neck and décolletage area with natural freshly prepared herbal remedies
  • Lymphatic drainage on the apparatus of pressotherapy
  • Antiparasitic and antiviral program on the apparatus of bioresonance therapy
  • Staging of leeches
  • Body massage (total, back)
  • Products and products for health (Carpathian herbs, antiparasitic collection, hydralates, creams, cleansers, etc.)

Organizers and hosts:


Анна Якуба

"My mission is to help you gain health and freedom from stereotypes, change your life and fulfill cherished dreams. With love, your Anna. "
Expert, practitioner and certified specialist on dry fasting. Has 25 years of experience with health programs. Head of the School of Dry Starvation and Raw Food in Ukraine. The author of the patented technique of long dry fasting "A way of rehabilitation of an organism". The creator of unique programs in the field of cleansing the body and a healthy balanced diet "12 days that will change your life FOREVER!", "Lose weight together is easy and easy", "Cascade for the advanced", "Healthy living with Anna Yakuba", "Healthy habits - New I". The author of the books "School of healing fasting and raw food", "Journal of Healthy Holidays: gymnastics, nutrition, starvation, purification".


"My task is to make your stay on the program as comfortable, useful and effective as possible. To all your worries and anxieties stayed somewhere far away and you felt easy and carefree, as in childhood. Always glad to help and be of service, Dmitry. "
Executive Director of the School "Dream", responsible for organizational issues, physical culture, excursions, hikes, walks, cultural and entertainment activities, the organization of healthy natural food.


"I will be happy to help everyone who aspire to preserve their beauty, youth and health, Olga Yakuba."
The cosmetologist has a medical and special education. Constantly moving forward and increasing professional qualifications. Works only on natural cosmetics. Natural cosmetics will not harm your skin and health, it is useful as well as natural products on your table.
"In the modern world for men and women of different ages and social status, cosmetology has become a daily need, therefore cosmetology services have become so popular. The desire to look always elegant, irresistible and bright - the most understandable and natural. Nowadays it does not need to spend a lot of time doing unpleasant and complex cosmetic procedures. It is much more effective, easier and safer to seek help from professionals in their field. I will be happy to help everyone who aspire to preserve their beauty, youth and health, Olga Yakuba. "
Our methods have tried on themselves hundreds of followers. And, believe me, they were satisfied with their results. Their testimonies speak of this. Among the participants of our programs there are world experts on healthy nutrition.

The response of Ludmila Storozhenko (USA). How to get up from a wheelchair and dance, if the joints hurt?

Ludmila Storozhenko (USA). How to get up from a wheelchair and dance, if the joints hurt? All my life I dreamed of going to India. In January I turned 60 years old and I decided that there is nowhere else to pull and in February 2015. flew to India in the School of dry fasting and raw diet of Anna Yakub for the program "Cascade for the advanced." I had a lot of sores, and I can not count them all:

- Fibromyalgia (soreness of the whole body);
- Operation in 2000 - the gallbladder was removed;
- Operation in 2008. - carpotanal on both palms;
- Operation in 2011 - replacement of the right knee;
- Operation in November 2013. - Oncology (tumor 13x14 cm on the ovary) - operation in a female way + inguinal lymph nodes removed
6 chemotherapies passed, the last - on March 7, 2014.
- Now dropsy around the navel.

When I told my doctor that I had gathered in such a distance, he looked at me like a madman, and categorically forbade me, said that I would not heal. I got more than a day with three transplants, at airports I was transported on a wheelchair and the first days on the program I limped with a handicap.
After 3 weeks of the program at the Anna Yakub School I danced at an Indian wedding.

The response of Boris Mataev, Israel, the program "Healthy habits - the new I ", Thailand 2017.

I had health problems: hypertension, tachycardia, diabetes mellitus, in the summer the gallbladder was removed.

Information about the School found by chance on the Internet and became interested. I knew for a long time about dry starvation, but did not know to whom it is better to address. He studied information for a long time, got in touch with different people, and decided to realize his dreams of dry starvation in the Anna Yakub School.

I phoned Anna, she sincerely supported me, and said that I could pass this course in her School. And although I had internal fear, doctors forbade even thinking about starvation because of tachycardia. During the program, I always felt Anna's attention, her spiritual, spiritual and moral support. This daily gave me the confidence that I could conduct such a serious practice of prolonged cascade dry fasting.

According to the results of the program, I declare responsibly: the program went smoothly and smoothly, without any critical symptoms. During the period of preparation for the program and in the process of the program itself, I never took pills (although before that I took 4 different medications daily - 5 tablets per day). And doctors strictly forbid me to miss even 1 day !!!

I also lost 10 kilograms of weight. Now I feel fine. In the future I plan to adhere to a healthy balanced natural diet, as Anna taught us. And I hope that I will not take any more pills. I decided that I will lead a healthy lifestyle and try to be on vegan food, although earlier every day I ate half a kilo of meat each day.

Dear associates in a healthy lifestyle, I encourage you, too, to be courageous and courageous in improving your health. I recommend to do dry starvation under the guidance and supervision of Anna Yakub and you will certainly have good results. All further life to maintain your health depends then only on you. If you eat properly, exclude all animal proteins and dairy products that complicate our lives, you will starve regularly - after a while you will simply not be recognized by acquaintances))) I wish success and good health to all who follow us!

The response of Vidzel Tatiana, 40 years old (7 days of dry fasting), Denmark (Rostikilde)

I liked the program. I went to lose weight and look younger. I lost a total of 20 kilogramms: 8 kg. lost during the preparation for the program and 12 kg. during the program. I do not know about rejuvenation, but the skin on my face feels like velvet.
It was hard, but without complications. We did not eat, did not drink, did not wash and slept very badly at night. The water in the sea was cold, but we dipped every day, because it became easier.
I did not want to eat, but I was thirsty. On the 4th day of the famine, when the movie was being watched, it was cold rain and I was thinking about how wonderful it would be to be like in the rain. On the 5th day, I noticed how clear the water is in the puddles. And on the 6th day, I noticed everything that is somehow connected with water, for example ALL plastic bottles from under the water on the side of the road))) In some of them there was still a little water left. I realized for myself a few important things: water is the most delicious of drinks, bathing in a warm bath is a pleasure, and sleeping at night is so wonderful!
Fears. I was afraid that I would start to store water, like my mother (she was born during the war, still has salt and matches). And that the phrase "dry hunger" will cause me to panic. Today the 2nd day of release and fears have evaporated. It costs a lot!!!
I want to thank Anna, Dima and the other participants of the program. It's good to be a strong spirit, but supporting the environment at a difficult moment is priceless.
I wish everyone good health!

The response of Saparova Maysa Muratovna (7 days of dry fasting), 37 years old, London

After passing the 7-day course of dry fasting, I got rid of chronic cystitis. The skin became smooth, supple. On the 6th day of dry fasting with urination, the sand began to drip abundantly. On the 6th day, internal fever began. I really helped that I was near the sea. Sea water greatly facilitated the state of mind. I'm very glad that I came to this program. It was a very useful and unforgettable experience.





  • The cost of the program: 600 euros + 150 euros (interpreter services). Total: 750 EUR
  • Accommodation for 1 person: 215 euros
  • Accommodation for 2 persons: 110 euros

A group of 7 people is being recruited (in the eco-center "Dream" there are 5 rooms). After dialing - admission to the group is closed.

The Eco-Center "Mriya" ("Dream") has a 5 rooms:

3 rooms - double occupancy: in room: WI-FI, 2 beds with orthopedic mattresses, wardrobe, bedside table, chest of drawers, bathroom
2 rooms - single room: in the room: 1 double bed with orthopedic mattress, bedside table, chest of drawers, bathroom.

Service included in the price:

  • WI-FI;
  • Use of an iron and electric kettle;
  • In the kitchen there is always spring water.
  • Translation services
  • Three stages of the program: preparatory, practical training (in the Carpathians), restorative.
  • Raw food preparation and feeding food at the entrance and exit from the course of 7-day dry fasting.
  • 2 sightseeing tours to local attractions.

The cost of the program is NOT included:

  • Accommodation - 11 nights.
  • Transfer
  • Excursions
  • Wares and products for health
  • Cosmetology services
  • Antiparasitic program on the apparatus of bioresonance therapy
  • All types of massage
  • Staging of a leeches and other additional services

Location of the program:

Western Ukraine (60 kilometers from the border with the EU), Ivano-Frankivsk region, Mikulichin village, eco farm "Mriya" ("Dream"). 5 km from the road Ivano-Frankivsk-Bukovel. Three-storey house built of ecological materials (stone and wood) for 5 rooms.

On the ground floor there is a lecture hall with a fireplace.

On the second and third floors are cozy rooms overlooking the mountains. In the room there is a double or two single beds, a wardrobe, a chest of drawers, WI-FI, a bathroom (shower, toilet, washbasin, in the cold season - heated floor).

The complex is located in the Carpathian National Natural Park, next to a mountain river.

Water supply: cold and hot water constantly.

The Eco-Center "Dream (photo autumn 2017):

To get to the program, you need:

  • Step 1: Pay participation in the program + book and pay for the stay (information is sent separately):
  • Step 2: Complete the sent questionnaire.
  • Step 3: Contact Dmitry Yakuba on transfer and accommodation:
  • Step 4: Skype - consultation with Anna Yakuba (+ interpreter) on individual preparation for the program. Date and time are agreed upon additionally, after receiving the completed questionnaire.

To ask a question or register on the program - write

Anne Yakuba or Dmitry Yakuba

We are always happy to help you go your way to your DREAM. We look forward to our acquaintance, see you soon in the Carpathians!

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